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About Us

Visionary Energy Management Systems is a company that prides itself in offering to their clients personal attention, objective feedback and providing the most economical, reliable and sustainable energy saving solutions in the market today. Every order is managed as a project, to ensure that the client's full expectation is being met.

A dynamic team of resources are available to meet client's demands. We will partner with the client in providing the best solution at the best price, for maximum return on investment. A full financial analysis is also provided for relevant orders to illustrate the energy saving potential and financial impact. This is our commitment to providing economically feasible solutions that makes "cents"

Visionary Energy Management Systems is constantly scanning the market and identifying key role players who can offer worthwhile products and services that can benefit their clients. From consulting services, to project management and procuring cost effective products, Visionary Energy Management Systems is your service provider of choice.

What we do:

Induction Lights, LED's, Lighting Design.
Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal.
Photo Voltiac, Kinetic Energy Systems.
Electro/Mechanical, Energy Saving Projects.